Be Valued

Should we care for each other?

The answer is a resounding yes if you go by the number of Clarksville residents who vote with their feet every year at the annual Community C.A.R.E.S. Walk and Expo, an event jointly sponsored by the Clarksville Association for Down Syndrome and the Clarksville Parks and Recreation Department. Community members also offer a helping hand with volunteer efforts like the Manna Café, a soup kitchen on wheels distributing food boxes and other resources to make sure no one goes hungry. Folks here dig a little deeper with programs like Clarksville’s Adopt-A-Park that adds flowers and other TLC touches to the area’s 34 parks. And sometimes we reach for the skies—check out the birdhouses the Eagle Scouts built and installed along the Clarksville Greenway.

Feet, hands, heart—Clarksville is all in; one true community that clearly values all people while recognizing that all people have special needs, goals, and desires. “The city and county governments have really come together,” says J.C. Matthews, a millennial who stayed to work and live in Clarksville after he graduated Austin Peay State University. “One goal. One mission. We’re adding all the essential pieces for everyone.”

Clearly, essential pieces include great jobs, low cost of living, and great schools and neighborhoods. But more than that, Clarksville targets essentials in a way that makes life richer for everyone—like a wealth of support services across the board and across the area for retiring Fort Campbell service members. Also essentially excellent are amenities tailor-made for millennials and free activities that enrich family life while empowering family budgets. And, of course, a multitude of open doors inviting you to rewarding volunteer organizations and projects. In a community that values you, you’ll find more ways you can and do belong.

You count more in Clarksville. It’s just that simple—and satisfying.

Certified VETS Center:
Austin Peay
serves more veterans than any other TN colleges.

Magna award-winner
for school district innovation improving the quality of life.

Most Diverse City in Tennessee”

Where millennials can make a great life—and make a big difference:

A one-gig city with great jobs, low cost of living, a great downtown scene, and revved up recreation, Clarksville offers one more important millennial must-have—a place to belong and make a difference in the community and the world.

Where every kid counts:

When we say families flourish in Clarksville, we mean all families. With a transformational approach and innovative digital programs, the Clarksville school system keeps graduation rates above 94%, with sixteen Clarksville schools ranked in the top 5% of the state, while robust STEM education and career academies assure early preparation for successful careers. And thanks to enthusiastic community sponsorship, two ADA-accessible and all-inclusive kids’ play areas welcome kids of all abilities.

Where innovation is encouraged:

All around town you’ll see statuary honoring trailblazing Clarksville residents like Wilma Rudolph and Pat Head Summit. When he was stationed at Fort Campbell, Jimi Hendrix played his first professional gigs here, and today innovators and entrepreneurs of all types are applauded and supported in Clarksville.

Where veterans are valued:

If you are a transitioning veteran, Clarksville-Montgomery County is an especially welcoming home, rolling out resources and support few other communities can offer, including:

  • Smoother pathways to higher pay: You’ve mastered the military obstacle course, now try courses that smooth your way. Both Nashville State Community College and the Tennessee College of Applied Technology offer advanced manufacturing and mechatronics certification training that begins well before separation, creating immediate pathways to great jobs and higher pay.
  • University U: Named a Veterans Education Transition (VETS) Campus, Austin Peay State University serves more veterans than any other institution of higher learning in Tennessee. That means more students just like you and more services just for you, including a full-time Veterans Affair counselor, a Military Student Center, and a federally-funded Veterans Upward Bound Office.

Appreciation and respect every day.

Clarksville is a community that values your service—and values your success in civilian life. This is a community where veterans truly belong.