Part of the ground-breaking Tennessee Promise initiative providing tuition-free community or technical college for all, TN Reconnects focuses solely on adults seeking to increase skills or complete a degree or certification. Resources for veterans are equally strategic, encompassing apprenticeships and On The Job Training.


Low cost of living that pumps up paychecks

In Clarksville, great jobs mean great pay—and great pay goes even further in our low-cost area. Sperling’s Best Places rates Clarksville’s overall cost of living at 8% below the national average, while housing costs are a budget-boosting 18.2% below the national average. Pick out your dream home here in Clarksville and know that in Asheville, NC, your dream would cost 78% more; in Nashville it would set you back 63.8% more; and in Farmington, MI, you’d need to budget 39.5% more to get a similar piece of real estate.


Less taxing. More relaxing.

Paychecks are also fatter in a state with zero personal income tax. And Clarksville also gives you breathing room in your entertainment budget, too, with the clear, fresh air of outdoor family fun and four-seasons recreation at 34 city parks offering free events year-round. Plus, Clarksville sits in the midst of a natural paradise, where state parks and natural areas provide vacation style recreation right in your backyard. Truly a breath of fresh air.


No skimping on the future:

It isn’t just your money that goes further. Your children can reach for their dreams at outstanding public schools where the graduation rates are at the top of the state, while dual-credit high school/college courses and local community and technical college programs put higher education on the horizon for every working family.