Production Supervisor

Location: Clarksville, TN
Company: Hendrickson
Employment: Full-Time
Posted: Jul 20, 2021

Minimum Requirements

3-5 years supervisory experience in a team or highly empowered environment

Practical experience facilitating problem-solving processes (preferably in a highly empowered environment) is critical.

Knowledge and experience in managing technical production processes. Particularly useful areas of experience include Assembly, Paint booth operation, Packaging and Kittining.

Must possess the ability to effectively direct, motivate and coordinate all activities associated with the manufacturing processes required in the specified area of responsibility (assembly packaging, kitting and paint).

Must be computer literate

Must possess strong written and oral communication skills

Preferred Requirements

Bachelor’s Degree is preferred but an Associate’s Degree or equivalent experience in an applicable area is acceptable

Job Description

Position Purpose:


Responsible for processes associated with Assembly processes. Motivate team members in the achievement of performance objectives. Continually improve response times and quality levels of the production systems. Train team members in the elimination of barriers to achievement. Act as a member of the management team in the identification of improvement opportunities and the development of organizational priorities. Comply with all safety standards and regulations and continually strive to maintain a safe work environment for all associates.

Essential Functions:

Develop, lead and support teams that are effective in meeting their stated objectives in:

Customer Service





Develop knowledge of the Assembly processes, then transfer that knowledge to the members of their teams.

Develop teams and team members to accept increasing levels of responsibility and authority; with ultimate objective being self-direction

Physical Demands

Frequent walking and standing

Occasional sitting, bending, squatting, reaching and grasping
Minimal kneeling, climbing, and driving

Lift up to 30 lbs.

Carry up to 30 lbs. approximately 30 feet

Push/Pull 10 lbs. of force 5 feet

Environmental Conditions

Work Environment: Manufacturing.

Lighting: Adequate.

Ventilation: Adequate. There is welding smoke from the process that is visible in the air.

Temperature: Non Temperature Controlled. Humidity, Heat, Cold are factors during the year.

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